Company | WDC Networks


WDC Networks is a Value Added Distributor specialized in solutions for FTTH, Wireless / Wi-Fi, VoIP, video surveillance cameras and Networking. WDC distributes in Brazil more than 15 brands from national and international lead manufacturers. It ensures quality, competitive prices, complete inventory, many options for payment and support for pre and post sales for the whole product line.

It operates since 2002 importing, manufacturing and exclusive distribution for its reseller channel, Internet access providers and Telecommunications companies. It is highlighted by the commitment in the commercial service and technical support to its reseller channel.

WDC Networks believes that innovation is the key to success. It was a pioneer in solutions for urban monitoring using cameras and transmitting images over wireless networks. It has released several products in Brazil combining wireless networks with images and always selects products with high technology, who bring new differentiated proposals. It is committed to sell products that are 100% legal, with local warranty.

WIRELESS Technology (Wi-Fi, TDMA IP wireless, etc.)

Corporate wireless networks, point-to-point and point-to-multipoint networks links. Metropolitan area networks (Digital Cities) that let you take Internet to schools, municipalities, rural areas, condominiums, etc. Carriers telecom networks with wireless equipment for the last-mile, or radios for backhaul. Wireless networks for transmission of video surveillance through robust equipment and encryption.

IP Voice and Telephony Technology (VoIP)

IP phones, IP videophones, ATA’s (analog-VoIP converters), FXS and FXO voice gateways and video surveillance cameras with embedded VoIP/SIP. Therefore, we help since the small users to large carries, call centers, etc. with their needs.

CCTV – Surveillance with IP cameras

IP cameras for different scenarios, DVR recorders, software for image management, encoders/decoders, etc. WDC offers smart solutions to its system integrators channels and security companies in order they do corporate and building monitoring and public and metropolitan security.

Networking Technologies

Switches for intelligent networks and for the mobile world with greater agility to the business. Converged applications at the edge, with support for mobility and virtualized cloud, data centers and global carriers networks that carry traffic from 3G/4G networks intensively.

FTTH (Fiber To The Home)

Equipment for passive fiber optic networks (PON), GPON technology, from the distribution centers (OLT) to the equipment installed at the users’ home (ONU). This new PON network actually is the best option in the world in order the telecommunications service providers can meet the needs of broadband convergence (data, voice and IPTV) to meet the demand of increasing access speed.


WDC Networks has an assembly and industrialization plant for many of the products it distributes, including the ones with its own brand, MAXBR, in the Industrial Pole of Ilhéus – Bahia. These products are technology licensed from major international manufacturers and assembled locally, to meet the demand for domestic products, with Brazilian hand labor and offering to the Brazilian market the best cost benefit.

With its own facility plant, in an area of 7, 500 m2 is assembled equipment with wireless, FTTH, VoIP and CCTV technologies.

Ensuring jobs and developing national technology in partnership with important manufacturers, the WDC Networks can meet many quality requirements and improves the delivery speed in any Brazil region.


WDC Networks has a Training Center and a Showroom fully equipped to meet needs for comfort, functionality, location, infrastructure and security. With the constant evolution of the technical and commercial of its reseller channels and integrators in mind, WDC constantly offers classroom and on-line trainings, besides being a Certification Center in Brazil for Mikrotik, Ubiquiti, Radwin and Digifort manufacturers.


WDC Networks has a team of engineers, technicians and sales people highly trained and committed to the sales channels. All support for complex projects, trainings and product selection to suit every need are goals that drive technical excellence and ethics in order to protect the investment and optimization of resources from our partners and their customers.


Thinking about business viable and profitable to its channels and appropriate to each business opportunity, WDC offers several payment options such as installment payments, rent, credit cards, CDC (Direct to Consumer Credit), leasing and incentive programs (Proger, etc.).

WDC Networks understands the needs of its channels and innovates in terms of payment to expedite the business of its partners.


To ensure an ever improving service to their channels and partners, WDC included in his portfolio a service area called Professional Services. This area meets the constant demand of its channels for design services, implementation and analysis of high complex systems and helps partners to perform more advanced designs.